Frequently Asked Questions about the WMS PTO and Parent Co-op

What is the Wilmington Montessori School Parent Co-op?

The WMS Parent Co-op functions as a support system for the Wilmington Montessori School and its staff. Through the WMS Parent Co-op, parents give of their time. This commitment is a part of the WMS enrollment process.

The benefits of parent involvement in Co-op are three-fold.

  1. WMS is able to keep down costs and hence tuition, while still providing the highest quality Montessori program for its students.
  2. Parents share in the tasks of organizing year-round school-wide events, which include supporting classroom work, as well as maintaining the school facility. This enables the teachers and staff to focus more exclusively on educational opportunities for their students.
  3. Parents develop a sense of belonging to a larger school community. In observing their parents participation in their school, children learn that contributions of time and efforts make a difference within a school community.


What is the Wilmington Montessori School Parent-Teacher Organization?

The WMS PTO was formed in 2012 as an organization distinct from the parent co-op, yet within the WMS school community. Both organizations work toward the overall excellence of WMS’ programs. As a distinct group within the school, they initiate their own projects, social events, and community activities, along with those in which they participate for Parent Co-op. For example, the PTO orchestrates the Cultural Holiday Party, Classroom Socials, the Weekend at The Delaware Food Bank and the Meerkat Milers run in the Delaware Marathon Relay.  Also, PTO participants explore new and innovative opportunities for school support such as Target’s Take Charge of Education, Amazon’s Affiliate Program, and BoxTops for Education and ShoeBox Recycling.


How are the WMS Parent Co-op and PTO similar?

Both organizations are committed to the goal of providing the highest-quality education for WMS’ students. The PTO serves as a resource to collaborate with the WMS Director of Family Programs to mobilize parent volunteers filling meaningful Co-op assignments. Yet PTO participants may also serve as organizers, fundraisers and program innovators for events originating from within the PTO itself (see above).  Parents working on behalf of PTO events/programs may fulfill a portion of their WMS Parent Co-op hours.


How are the WMS Parent Co-op and PTO different?

Parents commit to the WMS Parent Co-op as a part of their enrollment agreement with the school. Parent Co-op tasks are determined for the most part from within the WMS staff and administration.

The PTO’s work, while benefiting the WMS community, springs from within the parent community.


Parent Engagement – a 50-year Tradition at Wilmington Montessori School

Most importantly, both the WMS Parent Co-op and the PTO serve as stewards of a 50-year tradition of parent involvement and educational excellence. Thanks to the WMS parents more happens for WMS students every day!